What Did Niccolo Machiavelli Contribute To The Renaissance?

Updated: March 02, 2023
Niccolo Machiavelli was an Italian political thinker who wrote "The Prince", a handbook for rulers. He also wrote "The Discourses", a work on republicanism.
Detailed answer:

Niccolo Machiavelli was a Florentine statesman, diplomat and political philosopher. He is often called the founder of modern political science and his works have had a great impact on Western culture.

Machiavelli’s most famous work was The Prince (1513), which he wrote for Lorenzo de’ Medici. He also wrote Discourses on Livy (1517) which reflected his republican beliefs.

The most famous Machiavelli’s work, “The Prince,” is a handbook for rulers. He argues that rulers should be concerned only with power and glory, not morality or justice. Machiavelli believed that it was possible to gain and keep power by any means necessary, even if it meant being cruel or deceitful.

Also Machiavelli wrote “The Discourses” as a response to those who criticized his first book. In this work, he argues that republics are better than monarchies because they allow more freedom for citizens.

In fact, Machiavelli’s ideas have been widely debated by scholars, but there is no agreement about what he actually thought or intended. For example, some people see him as an amoral realist who believed that rulers should do whatever was necessary to preserve their power; others see him as a reformer who wanted to make government more efficient and less corrupt; still others see him as a cynic who wanted to show how bad things really were so that people would be disgusted with their rulers and overthrow them.

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