What do the 3 fingers mean in hunger games?

Updated: November 28, 2022
The three fingers held up in the air mean thanks, admiration, and good-bye in the Hunger Games.
Detailed answer:

In the world of the Hunger Games, the Three Finger Salute has become a well-known symbol. Its origins are rooted in the Boy Scouts and their Oath and Law, but it has taken on a new meaning since the book trilogy was published. The salute is a symbol of appreciation and admiration and was originally adopted by Scouts in 1908. In the movie, The Hunger Games, the three-finger salute is mentioned several times. In the first movie, Katniss visits District 11, where she sees the crowd making this gesture. The crowd does not recognize that it is dangerous, but she does. Sometimes the salute is accompanied by the four-note Mockingjay tune. Originally used as a way to say goodbye to Katniss, the three-finger salute has since come to have a larger meaning. It became a symbol of resistance from the Capitol, and became a symbol of Katniss’ pro-democracy rebellion. Its use has continued even outside the Hunger Games, with pro-democracy movements adopting the gesture as a symbol of solidarity. The three-finger salute has influenced real-world protests in countries all over the world. Protesters in Thailand have even adopted the gesture as a way to express their opposition to the government and military. The Hunger Games trilogy has sold over 100 million copies worldwide.

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