Who wrote the hunger games?

Updated: November 28, 2022
The Hunger Games was written by Suzanne Collins.
Detailed answer:

Suzanne Collins is an American author and television writer, best known for her book series The Hunger Games and the Underland Chronicles. Her books are very popular with fans and have received critical acclaim. She has also written several other successful books, including the popular Divergent series. She is currently working on her next novel, the highly anticipated Catching Fire, which will be released on June 16.

Suzanne Collins was born on August 10, 1962. She studied at Indiana University and later received a degree in television writing. She was a staff writer for several television shows before becoming a full-time writer. She was the head writer of Clifford’s Puppy Days and a co-writer for the Rankin/Bass Christmas special Santa, Baby. Her father served in the Air Force and inspired her to write children’s books.

Suzanne Collins is the author of The Hunger Games series, a dystopian novel about the effects of war on young people. The book is set in a future post-apocalyptic world where the Capitol, a highly developed metropolis, exercises political control over the rest of Panem. The story follows the lives of two children aged twelve to 18 who are chosen to participate in the Hunger Games.

Suzanne Collins’ trilogy was adapted into four movies between 2012 and 2015, starring Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen. Since then, the franchise has reached Hollywood success. The films have earned almost $3 billion at the box office and Lionsgate is interested in developing further books in the series.

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