What Do Victor and Walton Have In Common In Frankenstein?

Updated: September 19, 2022
Both Victor and Walton are driven by a desire to achieve something great.
Detailed answer:

Victor and Walton both have a lot in common, but they also have some distinct differences.

Both are driven by ambition. Victor is driven by his desire to create life, while Walton is driven by his desire to discover new worlds.

Both are willing to sacrifice everything for their goals. This is especially true of Victor, who sacrifices his family and his fiancée in order to pursue his work on creating life.

Both are intelligent and well-educated. Both Victor and Walton have studied at some of the best universities in Europe, which allows them to pursue their careers with confidence and skill.

Both are isolated from society. Victor’s isolation comes from his focus on his experiments at home, while Walton’s isolation comes from being away from home for so long that he feels like an outsider when he returns home again (though it’s worth noting that there weren’t many other people making long trips back then).

Both have a strong sense of duty. Both Victor and Walton feel that they must fulfill their duties as men—Victor by creating life and Walton by exploring new worlds—so they can live up to their families’ expectations of them as well as their own expectations.

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