Who Is The Real Monster In Frankenstein?

Updated: September 19, 2022
The real monster in Frankenstein is the doctor who created him.
Detailed answer:

The real monster in Frankenstein is not the creature, but its creator, Victor Frankenstein.

Victor is a scientist who has devoted his life to the pursuit of knowledge and to the betterment of humanity. However, after creating the creature, he becomes consumed by fear and regret for what he has done. In his desperation to destroy the monster, he is willing to sacrifice everything that matters to him—his family, his friends, even himself. Victor’s obsession with destroying his creation leads him down a dark path from which there can be no return.

The creature is an innocent being who is misunderstood and mistreated by humans.

The creature was created with good intentions by a man who wanted nothing more than to help humanity; however, when he was rejected by society because he looked different from them and could not speak their language well enough for them to understand him clearly enough for them to trust him or accept him as one of their own (which is ironic considering that all human beings are unique individuals with diverse appearances and personalities), he became confused about who he was supposed to be as a person–whether he should act like everyone else around him or if he should do something different from other people so they would accept him.

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