What Does The Author Use In This Excerpt to Develop Grendel’s Character?

Updated: November 28, 2022
The author uses Grendel's soliloquy to develop his character by revealing his thoughts and feelings about himself and the world around him. This allows the reader to understand his motivations and see him as a more complex character.
Detailed answer:

The author uses Grendel’s physical appearance to contrast him with the other characters in the novel. The author states, “For I am Grendel, and my mother was one of that breed who walk with men.” This shows us that Grendel is not like other humans in this story because he is not like any other man that we have seen so far in this book.

Grendel has been described as being an outcast, which further develops his character. Grendel is torn between good and evil because he knows that he can’t live with humans but cannot live without them either.

Grendel’s dialogue is a great way to get an insight into his thoughts, feelings, and motives. It also allows the reader to know what he is thinking at the moment and how he feels about certain things. In this way, we learn that Grendel is a very intelligent being who thinks about things deeply.

The author uses Grendel’s thoughts and feelings to develop his character. The author does this by showing how Grendel sees himself as an evil monster, but also as a creature who is misunderstood and has been treated unfairly by humans throughout history. This duality helps us understand why Grendel acts out by killing humans, but we also sympathize with him because we know he feels like they have taken everything from him over time, including his mother and the trees where he used to live before they were cut down by humans.

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