Which Excerpt From “Harrison Bergeron” Best Illustrates Irony?

Updated: November 28, 2022
The irony in the excerpt is that Harrison is trying to be average by being above average.
Detailed answer:

“Harrison Bergeron” begins in a future society where the government controls everything and everyone is supposed to be equal. However, there are still people who are more intelligent or talented than others. The government tries to control these people by making them wear handicaps that prevent them from using their abilities. The protagonist, Harrison, escapes from prison with the help of his friend Devon, who is also an intelligent individual. They remove their handicaps and return to live as free individuals in their city. The story’s protagonist, Harrison, goes on a rampage, destroying everything in sight. However, he is killed by the government’s agents before he can rewrite history and help his people achieve equality. The story illustrates the irony of a society that claims to be equal but is actually controlled by a small group of more intelligent or talented people who use their power to control everyone else. It also highlights the dangers of a government that tries to control its citizens’ thoughts and expressions. The story is an indictment against totalitarianism and the need for individuals to be free to think and express themselves.

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