What is a Major Theme of Harrison Bergeron?

Updated: November 28, 2022
A major theme of Harrison Bergeron is the importance of individuality and the dangers of conformity.
Detailed answer:

The major theme of Harrison Bergeron is that true equality is impossible to achieve. The story is set in the future where everyone must wear handicaps that prevent them from having any advantage over other people. This is meant to create a society where everyone is equal, but it does not work because some people cannot be made equal without taking their freedom away.
In this future society, anyone who is smarter than average or stronger than average must wear a handicap that limits their intelligence or strength. The government uses these handicaps to keep everyone equal and stop anyone from becoming too powerful.
The main character, Harrison Bergeron, rebels against this idea of equality by removing his handicaps and seeking out others who feel the same way he does. He meets Hazel, another person who wants true equality instead of being forced into being “equal.” The two fall in love and decide to run away together so they can live without having to worry about being caught by the authorities.
Hazel gives birth to the couple’s child while they are hiding in the woods away from society; however, their peaceful life is short lived because they are eventually captured by government officials who force them all back into society where they must wear their handicaps again. Harrison dies tragically, and his wife is wondering about how her life would have turned out if she had submitted to the government.

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