What is a Passing Gpa in High School?

Updated: June 09, 2023
A passing GPA in high school is typically a 2.0 or above.
Detailed answer:

A passing GPA in high school is typically a 2.0 or higher, although this varies by the school district. A passing grade can also be referred to as an “honors” or “graduate” level grade, which is usually classed with more advanced material than regular classes. For example, if you have mostly A’s and one B+, your GPA will be closer to a 2.5 than 2.0.

In most cases, honors courses are weighted so that they count more toward your GPA than regular courses do. For example, an honors course might receive two points toward your GPA while an AP course might receive four points toward your GPA.

A passing GPA may be different for each class or subject area within your school district or state. Some schools require higher GPAs in certain subjects like math and science while others do not have specific requirements for each subject area.

Some schools also require students to maintain a minimum GPA throughout their entire high school career in order to receive their diploma upon graduation from high school (this is called cumulative). Other schools do not require this because they allow students to retake exams if they fail them.

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