What is Leonardo Da Vinci Most Famous Painting?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Leonardo da Vinci is most famous for his painting of the Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa is a portrait of a woman that is thought to be Lisa Gherardini.
Detailed answer:

Leonardo da Vinci was born in Italy in 1452. He was one of the most innovative artists during his time, using techniques and methods that were not commonly used by other painters. Leonardo is known for his unique style and techniques as well as his sketches and drawings. His works include paintings, drawings and sculptures.

One of Leonardo’s famous paintings is titled “Mona Lisa.” The painting shows a woman with an enigmatic smile on her face. To this day no one really knows who she is or why she has such an unusual smile on her face but many believe that she may have had some emotional problems due to the way her eyes look and how she appears in the painting.

Da Vinci was an artist who painted religious subjects as well as portraits and landscapes. However, he never completed any works himself because he died before he could finish them all and left some unfinished paintings behind for others to complete for him (including The Last Supper).

Leonardo da Vinci also painted many other famous works such as The Last Supper, The Virgin with St. Anne and St. John the Baptist and The Battle of Anghiari. All these paintings were done while he was living in Florence, Italy between 1472 and 1499.

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