What is Multiculturalism?

Updated: January 08, 2023
Multiculturalism is the acceptance of multiple cultures in one space. It is the acknowledgement that people come from different backgrounds and that those backgrounds should be celebrated.
Detailed answer:

Multiculturalism can be seen as an ideology or as a political strategy for integrating minorities into mainstream society. It can also be viewed as an attempt by governments to address issues arising from migration and immigration, such as racism and racial discrimination.

It is a type of diversity, in which a society is made up of many different ethnic groups, each with its own language, customs and traditions.

Multiculturalism can be a source of strength and vibrancy for a society. As the world becomes increasingly globalized and interconnected, the need for countries to incorporate cultural diversity into their laws and policies increases as well.

Multiculturalism can also be a source of conflict, however. When different cultures live side by side with little contact or understanding of each other, they can clash and cause tension within the community. This is especially true when one culture is dominant over another — it’s easy to dehumanize someone when you don’t understand them or can’t relate to them on any level beyond your own experience.

This lack of understanding often results in prejudice against minority groups within society or hostility toward immigrants who come from other countries seeking asylum or employment (legally or illegally).

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