What is Purpose in Literature?

Updated: January 22, 2023
The purpose of literature is to entertain and to enlighten.
Detailed answer:

Literature can be used as a form of entertainment. It can be used as a way to escape from reality and enter a different world. Literature can also be used to educate people about topics that they may not know much about. For example, if someone wants to learn about history, they could read books about it or watch movies based on historical events.

Literature is often used as a form of protest against things that the author does not agree with. For example, if someone does not like how women are treated in society today, they could write a short story about it or even write an entire book about the subject matter. This would allow them to get their message out there in hopes that others will start thinking about it and maybe even do something about it themselves!

Literature is often used as a way for people in positions of power or authority to share their knowledge with others so that they may learn more about certain topics.

Finally, literature can be used to inspire people by showing them that they are not alone and that there are others who have faced similar challenges in their lives. This type of literature often has an inspirational tone that makes you feel hopeful about the future no matter how dark things may seem at first glance.

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