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Comparative Review Assignment



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    The purpose is to review the relative merits and limits of each text with regards to the topic and the other texts. The review is often used to summarize the work other authors have done on an issue, in order to provide the background for a study or research work the author is presenting. Your assigned texts: Frontline video “Poor Kids” and an article related to your topic.

    Focus on how each are related. How is a Comparative Review different than a group of summaries? Although the comparative review includes summaries of each text, the summaries are focused on particular aspects of the text that relate to the author’s topic and are analyzed together to show how the texts relate to each other. How is the Comparative Review organized? Introduction: background information identify specific issue introduce author & article Article Authors purpose Summary of supporting content Author’s conclusion Strengths of article

    Limits of article Transition Article #2 Author’s purpose Authors conclusion Sum up main strengths & limits Emphasize important differences Discuss implications for further research What is in the analysis? The analysis should identify the strengths and weaknesses (or limits) of each text, and explain the relationship to the other texts. It should point out the critical areas that relate to the author’s topic and purpose. The analysis should also identify any author bias or other consideration that might influence the relevance or importance of the text. What are the strengths and limits or weaknesses of a text?

    Strengths the relevance to an issue the use of appropriate evidence the logic & consistency of an argument documentation objectivity & fairness awareness of limits & weaknesses awareness of alternate views conclusions based on evidence clarity of presentation Limits or Weaknesses author’s bias weak or undocumented evidence irrelevant evidence or arguments appeals to emotion only fallacies of argument: over generalization, circular reasoning, false premises limited sample for study avoidance/ignorance of alternate views conclusions not based on evidence What is being analyzed in the comparison?

    Your purpose is to report how the articles contribute to the study of your issue. What do they contribute? Where do they agree or disagree? How do they differ? Which is more valuable? Why? What is a “Lit RevieW’? A “Lit Review” is a type of Comparative Review that surveys the most recent and/ or the most relevant literature on a particular subject.

    In a Lit Review, the focus is mainly on the author’s findings and implications regarding a specific issue; ND the reviews are organized and linked in a way that shows connections and progress in the research. The purpose of the Lit Review is to either sum up the current state of research on a topic or to lay the foundation for new research.

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