What Is The Annex In The Giver?

Updated: December 09, 2022
The annex is a special room where Jonas is taken to receive his memories.
Detailed answer:

The Annex is a special room in the Community where people can go to remember the past, to heal old wounds and make sense of their lives. The Annex is filled with objects from the past, including books, music, and art. The Annex is a place of solitude and reflection, where people can remember both positive and negative events from their lives. It is also a place of healing as individuals come to terms with emotional pain from their past. The Annex is a place of hope as individuals remember their possibilities for the future. The Annex is a place of love where people can remember those they have loved throughout their lives and those who have loved them back. The Annex is a place of joy where people can recall joyful experiences from their pasts without guilt or shame. The Annex is a place of sorrow where people can come to terms with sadness that may have occurred in the past or may be occurring presently in their lives. Finally, the Annex provides a space for new beginnings by encouraging all residents to start fresh and create new memories.

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