What Kind of Speech Patterns Do Writers of Realism Give Their Characters?

Updated: June 09, 2023
Realism is characterized by detailed and accurate description, so the speech patterns of characters in a realistic work will be true to life. This means that the dialogue will be believable and realistic, without any unrealistic or implausible elements.
Detailed answer:

Realistic dialogue has a few characteristics that make it stand out from other types of dialogue. Some of these characteristics are:

1. Characters speak in a way that is natural and believable. This means that they use language that is appropriate for their social class and education level.

2. Characters in realism often speak in dialect, which can help to create a sense of place.

3. Realistic dialogue should sound like something that people would actually say, rather than being overly formal or flowery.

4. Characters in realism may use slang or colloquialisms, but only when appropriate for their situation and setting.

5. Characters in realism typically have their own individual speech patterns, which can help to make them more believable and relatable to readers who share similar backgrounds with those characters (for example, if one character is from New York City while another character is from Boston).

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