What Made Abraham Lincoln an Attractive Candidate for The Republican Nomination?

Updated: December 12, 2022
The fact that he had served in the House of Representatives and was the only candidate with military experience made him an attractive candidate for the Republican nomination.
Detailed answer:

There were many reasons why Abraham Lincoln was an attractive candidate for the Republican nomination in 1860.

First and foremost, he was a self-made man who had risen from humble beginnings. Before becoming a lawyer, Lincoln had worked as a store clerk and hired hand. His rise to political prominence was remarkable, given his lack of formal education and his lack of inherited wealth.

He also had significant experience in government as a state legislator and congressman from Illinois.

Lincoln’s views on slavery were well known, having made several public speeches against slavery throughout his career. As an abolitionist, he opposed the extension of slavery into new territories such as Kansas and Nebraska (which would later become Colorado), arguing that this would only encourage more slave states to enter the Union.

Another reason why Lincoln was an attractive candidate for Republicans was because he led them to victory in several important elections prior to becoming president—including those held in 1858 when he won against Stephen Douglas for senator from Illinois; 1860 when he won against John Breckinridge for president; and 1862 when he won against George McClellan for re-election as president.

Lincoln was also a charismatic leader who inspired confidence in others by giving them hope for victory in what seemed like impossible circumstances at times (such as during the Civil War). His speeches were often eloquent and inspiring; they helped inspire people throughout America to continue fighting for what they believed in despite the overwhelming odds against them.

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