What Technique Does Chaucer Use To Create Lively Characters?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Chaucer uses physical description and dialogue to create lively characters.
Detailed answer:

Chaucer’s characters are lively because he uses a variety of techniques to bring them to life.

First, he uses physical descriptions to bring his characters to life. He does this by describing their appearances and actions, as well as their clothing and surroundings.

Second, he also uses dialogue to reveal their personalities. Dialogue can be used to show how characters talk or think about each other, as well as what they say about themselves.

Third, Chaucer employs humor to enliven his characters. This can be done through jokes or puns that add levity to serious situations.

Fourth, he also uses irony and sarcasm to add depth to his characters—by showing how they see themselves differently than others see them, for instance, or by revealing what they believe but do not say publicly (such as when someone is pretending not be angry).

Fifth, Chaucer’s characters are shaped by their actions and interactions with others; this includes how they relate with other people (such as by telling stories or engaging in debates) as well as what they do (like fighting battles).

In addition, Chaucer’s use of language helps create vivid characters—for example by using metaphors and similes.

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