When Was Medea Written?

Updated: June 09, 2023
Medea was written by Euripides in 431 BC.
Detailed answer:

Euripides’s Medea was written in 431 B.C. It is one of the most well-known works from Ancient Greece. The play tells the story of Medea, a woman who takes revenge on her unfaithful husband by murdering their children. Medea is a tragedy, and its central themes include betrayal, revenge, and motherhood. The play has been adapted for stage and screen numerous times; it has also been adapted into other media such as opera and ballet. And although its iconic characters and powerful themes have changed over time to reflect societal values, they continue to resonate with audiences today. In Medea, Medea’s story is told in a non-linear, flashback style, which is typical of modern film and theatre. Euripides wrote Medea some time after the other plays in his Trojan cycle. Other plays in the Trojan cycle include The Trojan Women and The Children of Heracles.

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