Who Did Medea Kill?

Updated: June 09, 2023
Medea killed her two children in order to spite her ex-husband, Jason.
Detailed answer:

In Greek mythology, Medea—also known as Medea of Colchis and later Medea of Athens—was a sorceress and princess of Colchis who helped Jason obtain the Golden Fleece and later married him. She had two children with Jason, but he left her for another woman; upon which she took revenge by killing that woman and her own children, before eventually being exiled from Athens and taking refuge in Corinth. She killed King Aegeus’ new wife and her own children in order to take revenge on her former lover who had left her for another woman; she did this by poisoning them with a robe dipped in poison. After doing this, Medea was eventually exiled from Athens and took refuge in Corinth where she married King Aegeus (in an arranged marriage) and had a son with him called Aeson; she is known for her tragedy which has been adapted numerous times in various forms of media, such as theater and film; the most well-known adaptation of her story is Euripides’ tragedy “Medea”.

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