Who Dies In Romeo and Juliet?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Romeo and Juliet die.
Detailed answer:

The tragic ending of Romeo and Juliet makes it clear that love is futile in a world where feuding families only see their own interests. The couple’s deaths are caused by their youth and impulsiveness, which makes them too reckless for the real world. The play’s main message is that even if two lovers are as madly in love as Romeo and Juliet, they will never survive if their union is forbidden. When Romeo and Juliet finally discover each other, the world seems to change for the better. Unfortunately, their love is not enough to overcome the obstacles that fate has placed in front of them. Their story reminds us that love can lead to tragedy and loss. There is nowhere in life where love does not play a role – even if it’s a very small one.

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