Who Is Burris Ewell In To Kill a Mockingbird?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Burris Ewell is a student at Maycomb County Elementary School. He is the son of Bob Ewell.
Detailed answer:

Burris Ewell is one of the many characters in To Kill a Mockingbird. He is the son of Bob Ewell and is considered filthy and rude by Scout. The first time we see him is at school, when he shows up to class dirty and without money. The next day he never shows up. Bob Ewell is a racist who is enraged after seeing his daughter kiss a black man. He is also an alcoholic, a dirty and smelly person who is hated by everyone in the small town. He is the lowest of the whites in his neighborhood, and the only thing that elevates him is his whiteness. He is a lazy sponge and cares only for himself. Burris Ewell is a member of the Ewell family, which is much poorer than the Cunningham clan. He only comes to school on the first day of each school year and does so only to avoid trouble with the law. When he does show up, he makes vicious remarks to the teacher, causing the teacher to cry. The Ewell family is the lowest white family in Maycomb, and it is only by their race that they are lifted above the blacks and the poor. Their low station is a reflection of the lack of opportunity in their small town. Their lack of money and education prevents them from improving their situation.

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