Why Is To Kill a Mockingbird Banned?

Updated: November 28, 2022
The novel is banned because it contains racial slurs and profanity.
Detailed answer:

Harper Lee is known for writing To Kill a Mockingbird, which was published in 1960. The novel was her only one, though she has also written a screenplay and an essay. The novel is inspired by Lee’s observations of her family and neighbors in Monroeville, Alabama.

The novel deals with themes including racism, social class, and gender. It has been widely praised for its exploration of these themes and has become a classic in American literature.

To Kill a Mockingbird has been banned in some schools due to its depiction of racism. Harper Lee won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for To Kill a Mockingbird.

The novel has also been made into a film which was released in 1962 and won an Academy Award for Best Picture.

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