Who Is Farid In The Kite Runner?

Updated: December 12, 2022
Farid is a taxi driver and former mujahedeen fighter who helps Amir escape from Afghanistan.
Detailed answer:

Farid is one of the main characters in Khaled Hosseini’s bestselling novel The Kite Runner. He is a taxi driver who Hassan, Amir’s best friend, calls when they need to get somewhere fast. Hassan also asks Farid to help Amir find Sohrab after he flees to Pakistan following the Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan.

Farid is very loyal to Hassan and Amir. He helps them out whenever they are in danger or just need a ride somewhere. Also, he was friends with Hassan when they were younger. When his parents moved away from the neighborhood, Farid began seeing Hassan less and less until he finally stopped visiting altogether. Despite this, he still visits Hassan when he needs something from him or wants to catch up with an old friend.

Farid is also very street-smart. Although he has a taxi and could easily drive around Kabul without getting caught, he chooses not to because he does not want to be seen as working for the Taliban. Instead, he picks up random people on the streets and charges them money for rides as if it were his own business. This allows him to travel around Kabul freely while still making money that supports him and his family.

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