Why Is The Kite Runner Called The Kite Runner?

Updated: December 10, 2022
The book is called The Kite Runner because the story is about a boy who loves to run and fly kites.
Detailed answer:

The name “The Kite Runner” refers to the symbolic kite that is the main focus of Amir’s childhood and to his guilt. The kite running of the title refers to the kites that are flown by boys in Afghanistan, a common hobby that takes place on rooftops, over fields, and at large gatherings. The kites function as a symbol of freedom and transcendence throughout the course of the novel; they stand in parallel to Hassan’s character, who is eventually murdered by members of the Taliban. The image of a boy holding a string and running with his kite illustrates the motion of life—and with it, death. There is no fact about this book that is not interesting: how Hosseini came up with the title, how he chose which details to include in his descriptions of Kabul, and how he constructed his characters. His writing is beautiful and evocative; you feel like you’re right there in Afghanistan watching Amir become a man and helping Hassan as he struggles with bullies. This book is beautifully written—the imagery is lush without being overdone and Hosseini manages to put across complex ideas without them feeling overly heavy.

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