Who is lenore in the raven?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Lenore is the subject of the poem and the love of the speaker's life. She is never seen or heard in the poem, but her presence is felt throughout.
Detailed answer:

The poem “Who is Lenore in the Raven?” was written by Edgar Allan Poe. The poem is about a lost love and relates to the narrator’s relationship with his wife. The narrator talks about being hurt and missing Lenore. The poem ends with a line “Nevermore,” which refers to Lenore’s presence in the poem. The poem is considered a symbol of the lost and idealized love, and a message to the world of hope. The poem also features the idea of death, with Lenore’s death described in vivid detail. Lenore’s body is displayed on a table, which is commonly used to display the corpses of the dead. In the afterlife, Lenore is considered “queen” by those who have passed on and the most “saintly” person. But before she died, she was in poor health. Poe uses literary devices in his poem, such as alliteration and caesurae, to make readers experience the story through the different senses. For example, the speaker of the poem refers to Lenore floating down the Stygian river, which is a reference to the River Styx in Greek mythology. In stanza three, a line encourages the reader to imagine the scene with their senses. Lenore is the speaker’s former beloved. Although Poe does not say when she died, her grief is evident in the intense grief the poet expresses. In the poem, Lenore is described as “rare and radiant.” In other words, Lenore was young and innocent, and her death evokes feelings of affection in the intended reader.

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