What does the raven symbolize?

Updated: October 07, 2022
The raven is a symbol of darkness and death.
Detailed answer:

Ravens are a popular spirit animal that can be seen in many cultures. They are associated with many myths and legends, including the Norse god of war, the myth of the raven and the Irish legend of the raven as a symbol of knowledge. The raven is also an important part of Celtic culture. Among the Celtic myths, the raven is associated with death, war and destiny. The name “Morrigan” can be interpreted many ways, but the most common is that of the “Phantom Queen.” She also participated in war as a raven, which meant she could influence the outcome of tussles.

According to the story of the flood, the raven was one of the three animals that Noah brought onto the ark. Apparently, the raven was one of the animals that failed to return to the Ark. In addition, in the Icelandic Landnamabok, the raven served as the guide for the ship of Hrafna-Floki Vilgerdarson. Ravens also appear on the coat of arms of Lisbon, which reflects the story of St. Vincent and his ravens.

Ravens are intelligent, playful, and highly intelligent birds that have an ability to use tools for cracking nuts and shells. They’re fast and agile and will not be intimidated by larger birds. They are also very vocal and can even teach themselves to talk. This makes them a great spiritual totem animal. The raven encourages connection with the spiritual realm.

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