Who is the Strongest God in Norse Mythology?

Updated: January 13, 2023
Odin is the strongest god in Norse mythology because he is the god of war. Thor is the second strongest god because he is the god of thunder.
Detailed answer:

Odin was considered to be one of the most important deities in Norse mythology, along with his brothers Vili and Ve; together they were known as Aesir gods and were responsible for creating Midgard (Earth) from Ymir’s body.

Odin was the supreme ruler of Asgard and all other worlds in Norse mythology. He was known for being a wise, powerful, and extremely knowledgeable god who could see into the future through his ravens Hugin (thought) and Munin (memory).

Odin had many names including All-Father or Highfather which meant he ruled over everyone else, Valfather which meant protector of mankind, or Alfadir meaning grandfather diety. Odin was also called Grímnir meaning masked one or Hávamál meaning high praise as well as Odhrærir meaning ruler of men since he controlled them all with his intelligence and wisdom.

He was considered to be the father of all other gods except Thor, who was considered to be the son of Odin’s stepfather, Borr.

In Old Norse texts, Odin is depicted as one-eyed and long-bearded, frequently wielding a spear named Gungnir, and wearing a cloak and a broad hat. He is often accompanied by his animal companions—the wolves Geri and Freki and the ravens Huginn and Muninn, who bring him information from all over Midgard—and Sleipnir, his magical eight-legged horse.

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