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The Story of Kratos

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In a very distant past there was a conference taking place with three gods on mount Olympus. This conference would forever change the world. The names of the gods in the conference were Ares, Athena, and their father Zeus. They were there to discuss the name of the mortal known as Kratos. Zeus had noticed his son Ares was becoming a monster and would become pure evil. Kratos had been a champion of the gods. He was the captain of his Spartan army.

Little did anybody that Kratos would become legend. There was a war taken place of Kratos’s army of Spartans against an army of barbarians.

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The Story of Kratos
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Kratos was out numbered by millions. The war lasted for days and just before the life of the young Spartan captain was about to end Kratos called for the help of the god of war Ares and specifically said “Ares!!!!!!! If you help me defeat my enemies my soul is yours”. As Ares began to descend on earth gray clouds circled then sky.

When Ares had landed on earth a big earth quake happened Ares made this orb of red energy which instantly either burned the barbarians to flame or instantly bent them in half.

Ares gave Kratos the blades of chaos. Which were burnt on to his skin which made them binded to him unwillingly. This would instantly help Kratos destroy his enemies. Kratos had given up his soul which meant he was forever to do the evil orders from Ares. Area had tricked Kratos to killing his wife and daughter. The gods did not take this lightly. They plotted to kill Ares. Kratos was cursed with nightmares each day of what he had done to his family.

The gods then told Kratos about his mission given to kill Ares and they said if you do this for us we will forgive you for your terrible deed. To do this you will need Pandora’s Box. Kratos had to do what many man have tried but never succeeded in doing which was to find Pandora’s Box and kill a god. Kratos traveled to the Aegean Sea where he had to kill the hydra and travel to Athens where Ares was in war with the city of Athens. He then traveled through the dessert of lost souls to find the titian known as Kronos on Kronos’s back was the massive Pandora’s temple.

Kratos jumped onto the back of the titian and it took him three days to climb it. There after three days Kratos found Pandora’s Box. Then Kratos went back to Athens where he opened Pandora’s Box which gave him the strength and size of a god. He then used the blades of chaos to kill Ares and as a reward he got the blades of Athena which were binded to him willingly. Kratos took Ares’s throne and became legend. Finally, this is why we remember what goes around comes around in commemoration to the God of War Kratos.

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