Why did jon krakauer write into the wild?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Jon Krakauer wrote Into the Wild because he was inspired by the true story of Chris McCandless, a young man who died while attempting to live off the land in the Alaskan wilderness. Krakauer felt a personal connection to McCandless's story and wanted to share it with the world.
Detailed answer:

Into the Wild is a book about nature, but why did Jon Krakauer write it? The author’s experiences in the wilderness and the search for his own place in the world inspired him to write it. He drew on many sources, from his own research to interviews with people he met. His character, Chris McCandless, was raised in a small Oregon town, but he was well-prepared for life in the wilderness. He had developed the skills he needed to survive, and had plenty of experience in locating food and shelter. The story is both compelling and thought-provoking. It is a story about an adult who left his old life behind to start a new life. However, he failed to say goodbye to anyone or even to focus on the past. Instead, he lived on the food that he found in the wilderness. Though he felt satisfied with his accomplishments, his failures were due to his short-sightedness and hubris. In 1993, Krakauer became fascinated with McCandless’ story and wrote a detailed article about the incident for Outside magazine. In the years that followed, he traveled to different parts of the country, trying to gather information. As his schedule was unpredictable, Krakauer had to make numerous decisions. This chaotic life contributed to the structure of Into the Wild.

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