Why Do People Become Vegetarian?

Updated: January 17, 2023
Some people become vegetarian for ethical reasons, believing that it is wrong to kill animals for food. Others become vegetarian for health reasons, as a way to avoid unhealthy fats and cholesterol.
Detailed answer:

Vegetarianism has been practiced for thousands of years. In the past, people who followed a vegetarian diet were often members of religious groups such as Hindus, Jains and Buddhists. Today, however, many people choose to become vegetarians for personal or health reasons.

Vegetarians are people who don’t eat meat, poultry or fish. A vegan is a type of vegetarian who eats no animal products of any kind — including dairy products and eggs.

Some people choose to be a vegetarian because they believe that eating meat is not healthy. This may be true, but the fact of the matter is that meat is an important source of protein and iron. If you do decide to become a vegetarian, you will need to find other sources of protein and iron in your diet.

The main reason people become vegetarians is ethical. Some people choose this lifestyle because they wish to protect animals from suffering or death at slaughterhouses. Others want to protect the environment by eating less meat, which requires less land and water than raising animals for meat consumption. Still, others choose this lifestyle because they believe it’s healthier than eating meat products every day of their lives. These objections are based on moral values rather than factual information about how food production works in modern agriculture today.

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