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Why I Am a Vegetarian

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    My parents have taught me to respect mother nature and all of it’s creatures. They taught me being a vegetarian was good for your health, good for the planet, and good for animals. When I started school and went to other kid’s houses, their parents didn’t share that view. They said being a vegetarian would make me be a sickly and under nourished person. They told me animals were meant to be eaten by humans, that was all part of the cycle of life. I was confused about what to think.

    My parents told me knowledge was power, so I conducted thorough research when I was younger on deciding to become a vegetarian. One place it turns out vegetarians have huge health benefits is in the rate of disease between vegetarians and their meat eating counterparts. For example,[transition a] studies show people who do not consume animals products have much lower rates of heart disease and cancer. And then, there are the studies that show vegetarian diets are significantly lower in fat and much higher in fiber, thus reducing overall body fat.

    It is obvious being a vegetarian brings about tremendous health benefits Another place vegetarians score high is in their treatment of the planet. By not eating meat they are not contributing to the destruction of precious natural resources. For instance, many more people could be fed if the resources used to raise cattle were used to produce grain to feed the world’s population. Not only [ people but also rain forests would be saved from the destruction caused by cattle farming.

    For every four ounces of hamburger made from rain forest beef, fifty five square feet of this precious resource is destroyed. These practices impact the land, the animals, and the people of these areas is a negative way. Finally, the toll taken on the animals are far to great. For example, more than one hundred thousand cows are slaughtered every single day in the United States. However, these animals do not live happy healthy lives until the time they are slaughtered. Instead most of them live in cramped, unsanitary, unbearable conditions.

    They are treated like objects not living feeling beings, until the moment they are put on the conveyer belt ready to meet their death. Obviously, the practices of animal “farming” are not good for human health, the planet, or the animals. It causes such destruction to all three. Since I conducted thorough research when I was younger on deciding to become a vegetarian, I have never looked back. I am a happy healthy person in large part because I am not part of the problem, but part of the solution.

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