Why Is Call of The Wild Banned?

Updated: February 12, 2023
There are a few reasons why Call of the Wild may be banned. One reason may be because the book contains violence and brutality against animals. Another reason may be because the book portrays Native Americans in a negative light.
Detailed answer:

Jack London’s adventure novel, The Call of the Wild, has been banned in some parts of the United States since its publication over 100 years ago. While this book is often seen as a classic piece of literature, there are valid reasons why it may be deemed inappropriate for certain readers.

The Call of the Wild contains scenes that portray violence against animals in a very realistic way. In some cases, these scenes can be interpreted as entertaining or humorous by some readers, while others may find them to be disturbing or even traumatic. This type of violence against animals is never condoned by any school district or educational system, so it makes sense that they would want to avoid having their students read books that contain such content.

Another reason why The Call of the Wild may be banned is due to its portrayal of Native Americans. The novel portrays them as savages who are constantly trying to kill Buck, the protagonist. While there may have been instances where Native Americans were hostile towards white settlers during this period in history, it does not excuse perpetuating negative stereotypes about them in literature. These stereotypes can have damaging effects on readers’ perception of Native Americans and contribute to existing prejudices that are still present today.

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