What Did Thoreau Have in Common With John Thornton in The Call of The Wild?

Updated: February 10, 2023
Thoreau and John Thornton both had a love of nature and a respect for all living things.
Detailed answer:

The Call of the Wild, a classic adventure novel by Jack London, tells the story of a domesticated dog named Buck who is forced into the wilds of Alaska after being stolen from his home and sold to be a sled dog. One of the characters in the novel, John Thornton, is an embodiment of man’s relationship with nature. He has an appreciation and respect for all living things that he encounters, which is strikingly similar to the philosophy of Henry David Thoreau.

Henry David Thoreau was a 19th century American author who wrote extensively about his views on nature. His most famous work, Walden, is considered one of America’s greatest philosophical texts. In it, he professes his reverence for nature and argues that humans can find peace and happiness by connecting with natural surroundings. He emphasizes our responsibility to respect all creatures on Earth in order to live harmoniously with them.

The character John Thornton from The Call of the Wild shares many of the same sentiments as Thoreau when it comes to respecting nature. Throughout his own adventures in Alaska, he demonstrates an unyielding love for animals and plants alike; often going out of his way to protect them from harm or destruction. His relationship with Buck is particularly meaningful because it conveys how capable humans are at forming deep connections with other species if they only care enough to try. These parallels between Thoreau’s writing and John Thornton’s actions make them both shining examples of humanity’s bond with nature.

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