Why is Feminism Bad?

Updated: January 21, 2023
Feminism is bad because it is a movement that is based on the idea that women are oppressed by men. This is not true, and it leads to a lot of conflict between men and women.
Detailed answer:

The definition of feminism is “a doctrine advocating equal rights for women”. But what does equal mean? Equal means that men and women should have equal rights, opportunities and obligations – in short, they should be treated equally under the law and in society. However, if all people are treated equally, then there will be no difference between them – they will have no unique qualities or characteristics. This means that women cannot be different from men – which leads us to a very dangerous conclusion: all people must become one without any distinction between them! This may sound like an impossible goal but it’s what feminists want to achieve with their movement – they want to dissolve any differences between men and women so that they can be treated as equals in society (and not just legally). But this would also mean that we would lose our individuality, our uniqueness as human beings – which is something we should never allow!

The feminists claim that they are fighting for equal rights and opportunities for women, but in reality their goal is to promote the interests of women at the expense of men. The feminist agenda includes many things that undermine the role and status of men in our society and lead to gender discrimination against them.

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