Why is of mice and men banned?

Updated: November 28, 2022
The novel is often banned due to its themes of racism, violence, and sexism. Additionally, the book contains profanity and offensive language.
Detailed answer:

If you’ve ever wondered why Of Mice and Men was banned in the 1990s, you’re not alone. The novel has been challenged in the past for its sexism and offensive language. While it isn’t the most politically correct book, it does highlight the problems with our society’s social structure.

Many schools have banned this book due to the profanity, violence, and treatment of women. Although some parents are concerned with the racial slurs and vulgarity in the novel, others are concerned about the way it portrays women and people with disabilities. As a result, some states have banned the book.

The book’s controversial content has caused many educators and parents to question its educational value. While many educators and critics praise Steinbeck’s work, some have raised concerns about the book’s content. The novel is considered to be historically accurate, but critics say the language in the book is inappropriate for school students.

The novel was banned because of the racial slurs, vulgarity, and racism in it. School officials in Mobile, Alabama had a special textbook screening committee in charge of reviewing the book. However, the school district ultimately rejected the novel without any formal complaint. The novel has also faced challenges in Waterloo, Iowa and Duval County, Florida. The challenges involved a passage about sex and defamation of minorities, as well as racism.

The novel was banned in Strongsville, OH in 1972. However, the school board’s action was overturned in 1976 by the U.S. District Court. Corona-Norco, CA Unified School District also challenged the book’s status as a required text, claiming that it “centered on negative activity” and urged students to abstain until marriage. Similarly, the Foley, AL High School Library removed the novel from its shelves due to its characterization of contempt for marriage, family, and religion.

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