Why is Psychology Considered a Social Science?

Updated: January 09, 2023
Psychology is considered a social science because it investigates human behavior in social contexts and because it uses scientific methods to study human behavior.
Detailed answer:

Psychology is considered a social science because it is the science of behavior and mental processes. It is an academic discipline and a profession. As an academic discipline, psychology explores the cognitive, emotional, social, developmental, and behavioral processes of humans and other animals. As a profession, psychology provides counseling, therapy, assessment services and positive outcomes.

Psychologists seek to understand the nature of thoughts, feelings, and actions – as well as how people relate to one another and to their environments. They also study how perceptions are formed, how knowledge is acquired, how groups form and socialize, and how personality develops. In addition to conducting experiments in laboratories, psychologists carry out studies in hospitals, clinics, schools, businesses, government agencies, police departments, and other settings.

Psychologists are often referred to as “the doctors of the mind.”

Psychology is concerned with all aspects of human living, from basic biology to advanced cognitive processes. It explores how individuals, groups, and societies interact with one another and how these interactions affect their development and well-being.

Psychology uses scientific methods to study people’s behaviors, thoughts, emotions, and motivations. To do so, psychologists conduct research using experiments, surveys, or observational studies. They also observe people in natural settings such as schools or workplaces to gather data about how they behave.

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