What is Social Science Major?

Updated: February 02, 2023
A social science major is a person who studies the field of social science. Social science is the study of human behavior and societies.
Detailed answer:

The field of social science is the study of human behavior and societies. Social scientists study things like social structure, culture, and relationships between people.

Social science is a wide-ranging field, with many different subfields. A person who studies social science can specialize in any one or several of these areas. Social science majors may be interested in careers in business, law, or public service.

The most common fields are economics, political science, and sociology.

Economics is the study of how people use their scarce resources to satisfy their unlimited wants. Economics deals with how governments, businesses, and individuals allocate resources to produce goods and services for consumption.

Political Science is the study of government, including its organization, administration, and enforcement of laws; as well as the impact on political behavior, public policy, and political systems (democracy vs dictatorship). Political Science also studies how governments interact with each other on an international level (international relations), which includes topics such as war and peace negotiations.

Sociology is a broad discipline that looks at society from many perspectives — how individuals interact with each other within a given society or community; social interaction among groups; how groups affect other groups; how cultures evolve through time; how inequality affects societies; etc.


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