Why Was Caesar Assassinated?

Updated: January 19, 2023
Caesar was assassinated by a group of senators who were afraid of his power. They thought that by assassinating him, they would be able to restore the power to the Senate.
Detailed answer:

The assassination of Julius Caesar is one of the most famous events in all of history. It is probably the most famous assassination in all of history. The death of Julius Caesar led to a civil war in Rome between those who supported Caesar and those who opposed him. This war eventually resulted in the rise of Octavian, who became Emperor Augustus, who ruled Rome until his death in 14 AD (and beyond).

Caesar was assassinated by Brutus and other conspirators on March 15th in 44 BC. The assassination itself is not clear-cut, with several different versions being recorded by different historians at different times, but there are some elements that are generally agreed upon: Caesar was attending an event at the Theatre of Pompey when someone stabbed him in his back; he ran outside but collapsed on his way; and then he was stabbed 23 times before being left for dead. He was killed in a public place where there were many witnesses, so none of senators could accuse each other. The conspirators fled from Rome before they could be caught by Caesar’s supporters.

After Caesar’s death, his adopted son Octavian took control of Rome and became known as Augustus Caesar (ruler). He became one of the most powerful leaders in history and founded what we now call the Roman Empire (or “Augustan Age”).

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