Racial profiling argument Essay

A man named George Holiday, standing near the sight videotaped the incident. Several months later, the police officers were cleared of criminal charges in this case. Racially bias policing exist almost everywhere in this country. America, the land of the free, home of the brave. In this nation people assume that they have equal rights, but do they? The declaration states that all men are created equal, but are they? Following the King incident new awareness had been raised. What predisposed issues were there that caused them to stop King at the particular time?

There Is not much difference between “racial profiling” and “racially biased policing”. Racial profiling refers to and Is frequently defined as law enforcement stateless (e. G. , detentions, arrests, searches) that are Initiated solely based on race, and was Limited to activities In context only of vehicle stops. That in turn ignored the potential abuse of power in the many other activities in which there could possibly be misconduct. Racially biased policing is when an officer uses more than a single factor when conducting biased law enforcement.

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Racial profiling argument
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For example, an officer might make a decision based on the neighborhood and the race of the person, the age of the car and or type of car and he race of the person, or the gender and the race of the person. Activities based on these sample pairs of factors would fall outside the most commonly used definition of racial profiling. Racially bias police come In many deferent categories. Some racially blabs police could be bias against a black man who has a white wife, with a great career a nice car. Another officer could be blabs against a person who has an expensive car, and Is very Intelligent.

When a situation occurs and a person Is arrested, we would like to think that that person broke the law, but that is not always the case. Maybe, could it possibly be that the arresting officer had a bad experience with a Hispanic waitress in the restaurant and decided the he was going to illegally put drugs on every Hispanic person they seen and arrest them. There are no sure ways to know exactly why some police are racially biased. Another situation, an officer might believe that they can correctly predict a person whom will commit a crime.

The officer may even be an experienced officer and know the area and the profile of the offenders in the area. Giving that the officer may feel that he is being an efficient officer approaching every-black man with a white girl. In this situation, the officer would more than likely feel that he was Justified In being a racially biased officer. When an officer detains citizens of America based only on hunch or having a bad experience with a particular group or gender that officer has violated that colleens constitutional rights. The fourteenth amendment states all persons born or of the United States wherein they reside.

In addition, it says the State shall not deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its Jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. The fourth amendment of the U. S. Institution implies that an investigative detention, traffic stops, arrests searches, and property seizures by officers will be based on a standard of reasonable suspicion or probable cause. Although many officers “racially bias police”, the Supreme Court’s has ruled Judgment-letting officers know that it is not acceptable. In the case U.

S. V. Bringing, a Fourth Amendment case regarding a vehicle stop near a border, the Supreme Court held that police could not stop motorists based solely on their race or ethnicity, appearance, even if the officers are investigating illegal aliens. On the other hand, the court system gives those “racially as police” the gas they need to keep the fire lit. As in the case of The Arthur Magnified case, an African American was riding his motorcycle on the streets of Miami, Florida. The police officers gave chase and eventually Joined by more than a dozen Miami patrol cars.

Following a brief pursuit that allegedly reached speeds over one hundred miles per hour. Magnified stopped his motorcycle. Officers converged on the scene, and at last, six officers Jumped Magnified. In a matter of minutes, Magnified lay motionless on the ground with his head split open. He died four days later because of police-inflicted injuries. Because of inconsistencies uncovered by a departmental investigation, the officers were indicted for manslaughter and tried in Tampa. An all- white Jury was selected to hear the charges; in May of 1980, the Jury acquitted all of the officers.

No one has identified any simple solutions to the problems that have existed for many years. This problem is very complex and needs more research to fix. “Racially bias policing” has stemmed for hundreds of years, of the minority being degraded and not having a true opportunity to advance in their lives. In some police agencies they have implemented now training policies to train there officers not to cake stops based on the person race and what kind of car they drive, but rather what illegal facts did the driver violate. In addition, in many police car they have video recorder, to record the police action.

This is for the protection of the officers, but mainly this is more for the protection of the citizen who can become a victim of that officer. In recently years, more minority officer has been hire to create a more diverse police force. This diversity could be part of the solutions or part of the problems. In the past, some black officers treat black people worse than white officer. Many times people who say that the black officer is trying to make himself look good in front of his co-worker. In this situation, harsher laws should exist especially for this case.

This could possibly be a part of the solution, because in general be feel more at ease around there own race. In addition, if the officers are guilty of racially biased policing the federal laws should be harsher to prevent this behavior. As well, the hiring process needs to be more based on the values and the morals of the applicant for the position. In this hiring process, there should be several test done to determine if that potential officer is racist, if so that person then taken or of the entire hiring process. In conclusion, I feel that this problem requires the examination of individuals from all races and beliefs to eliminate it.

Given the entirely different situation I feel that the federal courts are also allowing this problem to cultivate. In follow citizen with the full respect and equality. It’s sad to say that the world we live in is still this way. People Judge people based on their looks every day. Me being Hispanic I get it all the time, whether it be Jokes about citizenship or stereotyping about certain Jobs. Growing up I developed a thick skin and comments like that no longer bother me, but there was a time when they did. For example I live in Eucharist which is a small town south of Tucson.

There is a golf course that I play called ROI Rice which is 40 miles south of Tucson and only 15 miles north of the Border. So coming back from the course they have a checkpoint and every time I feel like I get asked more questions than the average person because of my skin color. We hear stories in the news all the time about murders involving race. The Tradition Martin shooting being one of the latest and we all know how that turned out. No matter here you go in this world you will always run into people who are “old school” and haven’t accepted the changes of the world in regards to racism.

It will always be a problem because you can’t force people to change their beliefs. Rodney King was the first time it was actually brought to the attention of the world or at least that I can recall. It surely wasn’t the last nor will the case of Tyranny Martin. Muff can’t fix stupid” and because you can’t people will continue to be set in their ways or the ways they were brought up. I don’t expect things to change so therefore I prepare myself for the things I may run into on a day to day basis.

As a Mexican/American I am aware that people will often refer to me as an illegal alien, or illegal immigrant or whatever other names they might come up with, but because of their stupidity I can’t get mad or let it affect me. People think all Mexicans are illegal and all African Americans are thieves or criminals, instant Judgment, without giving the person a chance. It’s sad. So sad that we resort to Joking about it Just to lighten up the situation. It’s no Joke and it needs to be addressed. Will it be? We shall see, but from what history has shown us though it’s gotten better it still hasn’t stopped and I don’t think it ever will.

Racial profiling argumentative Essay

It happens when highway police officers pull over black people who have committed no traffic violations of any sort and ignoring whites, presuming that they are more likely to be involved in criminal acts. Statistics have shown that although Black and Hispanics drivers are more likely to be pulled over, they are least likely to be found with weapons or drugs. What this proves Is the failure and incapability of law enforcements to spot criminal activity regardless the race. Some may argue that racial profiling Is fair and Is logical; they say that If an African

American committed a crime, profiling and focusing on the information will increase their chance of catching them. They also say that even if you are profiled for something you did not do, how hard should it be to prove your innocence? How hard should it be to prove your guilt? First of all, profiling cannot be justified simply because they are similar to the committee, that would be discriminating and a violation to their civil rights. Second of all, it is very hard to prove one’s guilt if you are the only one aware of your innocence.

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Racial profiling argumentative
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In fact it is estimated that 1 percent of the Australian prison population, approximately 5,000 people, are falsely convicted. Racial Profiling Is wrong, and stereotyping certain races as having a greater propensity to commit crimes should be prohibited. It degrades the victim’s psyche by treating them as second-class citizens. It generalizes, it suggests that minorities are criminals and are appropriate of profiling. Not to mention that profiling by countries such as Australia and The United States is hypocritical, countries that promote bibber, freedom and ideals of Justice should not violate its citizen’s by this matter.

Now, I would like to give a famous example about racial profiling. On February 26th, 2012. Tramway Martin, a 17-year-old African American high school student was staying at a gated community in Sanford, Florida. This was also where George Zimmerman gunned him down. Before the killing, Zimmerman reportedly called 911 to report a “real suspicious black guy”. According to Zimmermann testimony, Zimmerman shot Martin, who was unarmed during an altercation between the two.

Zimmerman was later taken Into custody, which was then released because there was no evidence to refute his claim of having acted In self-defense. This Is a clear example on why racial profiling should perish from today’s society. Detrimental to our society. It’s not only a violation of human rights, but it has also been proven ineffective. Many studies have shown that race doesn’t have a strong influence on the number of criminals caught. Using race-neutral methods, such as behavior, is beneficial to our security and society, while racial profiling is not.

Research paper on racial profiling Essay

They have been the scapegoats of America ever since terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center on September 1 1, 2001. As each new terrorist threat occurs, Muslims are feared more. This fear is based upon stereotypes and implies that Muslims are dangerous people and can lead to unjust acts by Americans. When racial profiling is being used, they are treated unfairly and their rights are practically nonexistent. Racial profiling towards Muslims occurs mostly In airports, Is embarrassing, and often unjustified.

Traveling creates mom of our best memories. Even In airplanes, striking up an Interesting conversation with the passenger beside you makes for a great memory. As for Shannon Hobbes, her plane ride was not very pleasant. Part Arab, and traveling on the tenth anniversary of the 9/1 1 crash, Hobbes was taken off the airplane, strip-searched, and jailed, along with two of the passengers seated beside her who were of Indian- American background. According to an article by USA TODAY, ” Hobbes and the two other men were detained after people on the plane complained about two of them going to the restroom.

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Research paper on racial profiling
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Flight attendants had alerted the pilot that the men going to the restroom were ‘possibly of Arab descent’. ” Passengers on the plane feared that they were terrorists just Granny 2 because two Arab-looking men needed to use the restroom. The fear instilled in them from 9/11 has not diminished and with all the new threats, has only grown. Hobbes had done nothing suspicious at all but was detained anyway due to racial profiling. Americans are looking for someone to blame and finding ways to Justify their fears. Humiliation can cause one’s life to drastically alter. Feelings of shame and indignity are hard to forget.

They have a huge impact on future thoughts and actions. USA TODAY stated that Hobbes felt” frightened and humiliated” during the process of being taken off the plane and Jailed. When racial profiling occurs it is usually in front of the public eye. It is embarrassing to have everyone think of you as something you are not, a criminal of some sort. Hobbes had no Idea why the armed men were corning for her. Even as she was being handcuffed, she was clueless. When she did realize what was happening she felt guilt and shame. There was no reason to feel guilty, but the thoughts of others are reflected back onto her.

To have everyone around you, even strangers, think that you might be a violent terrorist is quite humiliating. She will have to live with this memory for all her life. Next time she boards a plane or even decides to go on a trip, she will have to plan accordingly, making traveling a hassle. Hobbler’s life Is Impacted negatively due to racial profiling. Authority figures are here to protect our rights but when racial profiling occurs our rights go straight out the door. Many times there is no legitimate reason for a Muslim to be suspected of terrorism. Josh Nathan-Kiss wrote an article about the NYPD paying on Muslim students.

All students with a Muslim background were being monitored, Granny 3 intelligence on Muslim student groups in many colleges. It also reported that the department had sent investigators to create files on mosques n New Jersey and Long Island. ” Without reason the New York police department was keeping tabs on Muslim students. Kiss also argues ” the NYPD may have systematically violated the rights of Muslims”. This refers to the 1985 Hands agreement, which is a set of guidelines in New York City that regulate police behavior pertaining to police activity.

Jewish students support Muslim students who are targeted, stating that “It’s an issue for Muslim students today but it could be an issue for a different group of students tomorrow. ” This support brings the two communities together and creates a more united front. Though racial profiling is common everywhere, in America it is a large issue concerning Muslims and the fear of terrorism. Authority figures use racial profiling in airports against Muslims and Muslim-looking people in hopes to create a safer flight ever since the attacks on September 1 1, 2001.

Racial profiling research papers Essay

Luckily civil rights groups have taken action and offer support to victims of racial profiling. They have set up support groups as well as legal teams to help victims fight the embarrassment and harassment of being of a particular race, ethnic group or belong to a certain religious group. Stopping Racial Profiling The problem with racial profiling is it has become a norm in today’s society. We base things on color. Whale Berry wins the Best Actress award and it was not so much presented because of her outstanding performance in the movie ‘Monster’s Ball’.

The press paid more attention that she would be the first African-American woman to win the award. Even Whale compared how she felt to how Sidney Pettier when he was the iris African American man to win in 1963. As the country focused on the Tradition Martin case, the one statement that stood out he most was “this guy looks like he is up to no good or he is on drugs or something” would George Zimmerman thought the same thing if the person would have been a 40 year old white man, or a 20 year old Hispanic woman?

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Racial profiling research papers
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Although he may claim he was not profiling Tradition the evidence speaks for itself, he Jumped to a conclusion because it was a black male in a hood. Recently, someone having a conversation told how when they go into a local store, tore employees follow them around and the store manager informed the customer they were not longer allowed to wear hoodoos in the store. When asked what happened, the young man stated that the store manager assumed he was a drug dealer because of his tattoos, piercing and his clothing.

It turns out that this young white male is a member of a rock band in town and was unjustly profiled by the store owner because of his appearance. Fair – no, reality – yes!! How do we stop profiling? The first thing we have to do is remember that crime has no color, religious origin or gender. All pedophilia are not white males, not all terrorist are of Arabic descent or Muslim, not all serial killers are white males, not all drug dealers are black males. We as a nation have to take a stand against racial profiling and the only way to do that is to get rid of the racist mentality of our citizens.

Stop looking at the color of one’s skin or mentioning that they were the first black, Asian, Hispanic, Jewish, Baptist, Muslim cross-gender person to do something. If the person is an American then they are an American. For us to be the “melting pot” of the world we have lost focus of how we tot the nickname. Conclusion If we continue to Judge a person by the way that they look, the color of their skin, or how they present themselves then we are limiting ourselves in law enforcement.

History has shown that you cannot go by the profile of the “typical” person who commits certain crimes. Law enforcement cannot assume that because a certain crime was committed it must be this type of person or that type of person. The problem is that we as a nation are the worst in Judging a person by the color of their skin. If we could ever get past the “color barrier” we could see that crimes are Discovery or look on CNN Justice news and you will see that not one race, gender or nationality of person commits certain crimes.

Law enforcement is bound by a code of ethics, we are not supposed to look at the color of one’s skin but as life has taught us that when given a choice between a black person, white person, Hispanic person or Muslim person, society will try to convict the one that considered public enemy number one at the time. If you ask black citizens what they think of white police officers they will tell you that they are racist, if you ask white citizen what they think f black officers they will tell you that they will give white people more tickets are arrest than black people.

We have got the change the image of the public when it comes to law enforcement. Law enforcement has to make sure that they do not give into the perception of the public as far as race is concerned. Law enforcement has to hold to the motto “that Justice is blind. ” This is the only way we can end the racial tensions in the nation. As we watch the Tradition Martin case play out in the media and know that we are given much more information than the Jury. Instead of focusing n the color of Martin and Zimmermann skin; ask yourself what would you have done in that situation?

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