Ruth in A Raisin in the Sun

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Ruth started of the scene by dancing in in the family’s house. She’s very excited that they are going to be moving out in a week, to live in Clubhouse Park. The man (Karl Linden) arrived at the family’s house and he told the family why they shouldn’t move in or buy the house in Clubhouse Park.

He stated to them that the younger ones will destroy their community because they are black, all the students that were in his community were white. Karl kept trying to find ways for them to not move, so he then tried to offer them more money than they were to pay for the house in exchange for not moving to Clubhouse Park. Walter, Ruth and earnest had all got upset because of what Karl tried to offer them. Walter then told Mr.. Linden that they will not accept the offer and he had demanded Mr. Linden to leave.

Later on in that scene momma got reprised with gifts, and they all celebrated. Momma got some guarding tools and a hat for guarding. A few hours later, Boob then came to the famish house to talk with Walter about what Wily had did. Wily had ran off with all the money that Walter invested in the liquor store deal. $6,500 was missing/ gone, even Breather’s college funds were gone. Last but not least, momma had found out that the $6,500 that she had gave Walter Lee for her trust to IM, was gone.

She found out that Wily had all the money that she gave Walter which included Breather’s college funds. She had gotten very mad at him and started slapping him in the face for what he had done.

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