The Relationship Between Atticus and Scout in “To Kill a Mockingbird”

Intro: describe Atticus and Scout and then their relationship through part one and part two of the book.

Scout: lively, five years old, innocent, tomboy (echoed in nick name) enjoys playing outside with her brother, however as story changes develops into a woman.

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Atticus: Scout and Jem’s father, lawyer and well respected, 50 and quite old fathering children so young, brings children up without a mother because she died.

Background and relationship overview: Scout lives with.. In the first half they have a relaxed relationship, second it’s more serious with court case. It is always plain that Scout and Atticus have a different relationship.. This is proven by direct comparison to Dills relationship with his father or the Ewell’s. Relationship adjusts and matures though story which Harper Lee demonstrates in her writing.

Paragraph 1: Atticus is always there when Scout is upset. Chapter three. Explain… Scout has had a bad day and before she has even told him he can tell. Implies good understanding of Scout’s actions and body language, suggests he has been with her upset before, and she goes to him first. First thing he does is sit and cross legs. Not only reveals he will really listen but uses body language to show equal. By getting down indicates one-to-one. Finnish gives advice: ‘if you can learn…’ uses words she can understand, metaphor outlining how to relate, know Scout, she can picture. Effect way to keep Scout involved really shows he knows.

Paragraph 2: Scout listens to her father, cares about him and what he says, shows respect and consideration looks up to him. Present by rhetorical devices (repletion) we couldn’t said three times.

Paragraph 3: Page 111, Atticus defensive and protective of Scout, proud… presented through contact… ‘he would return his hat to his head, swing me on to…’. Proud even though she is negative about behaviour. Also reinforces Scout trying to stand in other peoples shoes and teaches her to be calm.

Paragraph 4:

Paragraph 5: chapter 31 a few examples, nice to boo so well-mannered from Atticus… stands in boos shoes… hugs Atticus at end and he still knows how to look after her etc.

Narrative structure

dills flash backs, also symbolic for scouts good relationship with Atticus

Internal structure

Last paragraph polite to Boo even though didn’t know a lot about him. This is internal structure suspense reader wants to know what is going on.


Kisses and hugs Scout


Finch idiolect when Atticus is talking to Scout

Harper Lee’s ideas and perspective:

In the eyes of the reader Atticus is a hero suggesting Harper Lee agrees with his views and ideas.

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