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Research Development Paper

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Research Development Paper
Matthew Weitz
October 19, 2015
Dina Francisco
Unlearning through hypnosisWhat is the purpose of this study
There are behaviors that need to be unlearned and on this test, we will determine if there is a hypnosis method that can cause people to unlearn a specific behavior or habit. For this study, the subject will be put under hypnosis while being test if he can unlearn his native language and the ability to understand it. According to the researcher, the goal of this test is to determine if hypnosis can indeed change a person’s automatic mental processes.

Automatic mental processes like reading are the same as understanding a native language (Psychology media suite, 2008).How does this study apply to the real world
According to Buss (2009), the development of individuals depends on different factors. These factors can be our environment or our own personality and behavior such as alcoholism or addiction to drugs. Addiction for instance refers not only to substance intake but can be to a behavior as well hence there are a lot of additions that needs to be worked on now a days.

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Research Development Paper
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Take for instance, sex addiction or shopping addiction. This only shows that these indulgences can enslave a person hence doing it becomes automatic. When a person develops a dependency on such things for their happiness (gambling, sex, risky behavior and internet), it can lead to their personal destruction and affects their relationship with the people around them. There are programs that offer to help these people undo their dependencies. Take for example those alcohol anonymous programs or the stop smoking groups that help one another. There are some people who use their own strength to stop from being dependent on these things. The thing is, there had been a lot of studies and techniques being suggested in order to solve addiction and still, none has proven to be 100% effective. In…

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