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Research of Computers

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We have become too dependent on computers for answers, personal interactions, and we spend way too much time on them. If we used the computers for learning and as a tool this issue wouldn’t be as big. The sad truth is that people use this great tool for an easy way to get out of face to face interactions with other people. In 10-20 years it is said that there will be a computer smarter than the whole human race alive today.

That is a scary future that we don’t have to look very far to. Computers are an extension of the human body, just as all tools are. Would we say that people are too dependent on cars? Gas? Electricity? Toilets? Homes? All the arguments that the pro side are either invalid, or they don’t realize that what they are saying applies to everything.

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Research of Computers
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An interesting experiment for everybody, especially those on the prepotency, is to take all the prepotency arguments, and apply them to the word “house” or “car” or “paper” or “pencil” or “farming” are we too dependent on having a roof over our head? It’s the same as having a computer.

Yes, we are dependent on computers in every aspect of our lives, and computer on bigger and more powerful ones. But may be really not too dependent all the time, because the key is in the smartest and most powerful machine in the history of mankind and that’s right inside us, that’s us. Our body and mind is above all machines on this planet and in one sentence they all rely on us. Again yes we are too dependent on computers because it’s the human brain which computes this magnificent world unconsciously in the almost in an insensible way, to let us enjoy, live and create.

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