The Band-Aid by Earl Dickson - Part 39

Throughout life technology has always been advancing - The Band-Aid by Earl Dickson introduction. Technology advances in many ways from electronics to cars and even medical technology. In the sass a lot of technological advances were made and that is why that period is called the “roaring twenties”(the roaring twenties). During the roaring twenties major inventions were made and medical breakthroughs were discovered. One of the major inventions during the roaring twenties is the Band-Aid. The Band-Aid was invented by Earl Dickson in 1 921(the roaring weenies).

Earl was a cotton buyer when he invented it, he invented the Band-aid mainly because his wife was always cutting her fingers while in the kitchen Earl Dickson took a piece of gauze and attached it to the center of a piece Of tape, and then covered it with crinoline to keep it sterile (history Of the band-aid). Another invention invented in the sass was the first Traffic signal (the roaring twenties). The first Traffic signal was invented by Garrett Morgan (The roaring twenties).

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Morgan got the idea after seeing an accident teens an automobile and a horse drawn carriage (Garrett Morgan 1877-1963) Also during the Roaring Twenties Two major medical breakthroughs were made, those are the discoveries of both insulin and penicillin (the roaring twenties). In 1 920 Dry. Frederick Banning of the University of Toronto and his colleague Charles Best were able to make a pancreatic extract which had anti-diabetic qualities which they successfully tested on diabetic dogs (sass medicine). Soon an entire research team was working on the production and purification of insulin.

Other researchers assisted them to purify insulin for use on diabetic patients (sass medicine). Penicillin was discovered in 1928 by Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming, who noticed bacterial growth around a blue-green mould on a surface (history of penicillin). Fleming concluded that the mould was releasing a substance that was slowing down bacterial growth. He some and discovered that the fungus was Penicillin notated; he later named the substance penicillin (history of penicillin). Technology is always advancing around us.

The electronics to cars and medical technology - Part 39

A person whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, they will pursue their principles unto death - The electronics to cars and medical technology introduction. 5. What opinion of offensive wars does Paine express in the final paragraph? “Not all the treasures of the world, so far as believe, could have induced me to support an offensive war’. Meaning that he is not for a war with no purpose or cause. Although Paine is for war, he does not believe in an offensive war it seems unless under circumstances as these. 6. What does Paine mean when he refers to “the summer soldier” and “the sunshine patriot”?

The soldiers that are only on duty and fighting during the summer time, when the conditions can be considered easier than in the winter time. 7. What is the point of Pain’s story about the tavern keeper at Mambo? To explain how some of the colonists are avoiding going to war, which really wasn’t possible at that point in time. 8. Name two emotions to which Paine appeals in his essay. I suppose you could count patriotic as an emotion. This is one thing feel come through the entire excerpt. He praises our soldiers and is all for war knowing America deserves freedom.

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Another emotion I feel come through at certain points is anger. I feel Paine is angry at the situation our country was in. It seemed he was angry some soldiers only fight when it’s easy but get the same credit as a soldier who fights year round. Paine seems angry about the taxes and binding too. 9. How might a colonist who had remained loyal to the British react to Pain’s argument? They would not like it. The British see what’s going on as fair. Yes they are taxing America immensely but they are also providing protection for the states.

Loyalists would see the rules and tax’s fair. 10. Paine uses the aphorism “the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph” to express his belief that hardships faced by the American forces during the war will make their eventual victory more meaningful. Find one more aphorism used in Pain’s essay and explain the point he is making with it. ‘ ‘What we obtain too cheaply we esteem too lightly” is an aphorism from The Crisis. It means we value what we work hard for more than what we obtain for free.

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