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In Jane Eyre there are characters that being rich changes them. They believe that since they have money they are better than the people that don’t. Mrs. Reed and her family after Mr. Reed died thought they were more than her. Then Blanche Ingram disrespected Jane when she was at the party. She treated Jane like she wasn’t even human. Finally when St. John got the 5,000? from Jane he treated her differently than before. Money is the root of all evil and the characters of the book demonstrate that to us. Mrs. Reed and her family weren’t ever mean to Jane when Mr. Reed was alive.

After he died that’s when it all began. Mrs. Reed told her children that Jane was not worthy to be noticed and they shouldn’t associate with her (Bronte 23). She thinks because Jane is poor and not hers she can treat her any way she wants. Mrs. Reed also even lied on Jane to get her out of her house. This is what she said Mr. Brocklehurst” her mother was her husband’s sister. On his deathbed he exhorted her to care for Jane. She always treated her as one of her own. If you accept her at Lowood School, Mr. Brocklehurst, keep a strict eye on her. She has a heart of spite.

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I’m sorry to say that her worst fault is that of deceit (Bronte 30). ” Mr. Brocklehurst believed Mrs. Reed and Jane went to Lowood School and she was shunned because Mr. Brocklehurst told to students to do that. This is what he said “And you, girl. [He has Jane stand on her stool] This is the pedestal of infamy, and you will remain on it all day long. You will have neither food nor drink for you must how barren is the life of a sinner. Children, I exhort you to shun her, exclude her, shut her out from this day forth. Withhold the hand of friendship and deny your love to Jane Eyre, the liar. (Bronte). Then after Jane she goes Lowood becomes a teacher. After a few years as a teacher Mrs. Temple leaves. Jane then looks for work elsewhere. Then she gets a job as a governess for Mr. Rochester of Thornfield (Bronte 89). After Jane was there for a couple of years Betty’s husband comes and breaks the news to her that Mrs. Reed is on her death bed. Mrs. Reed was calling for Jane since she been on her sick bed (Bronte 233). When Jane went to Gateshead Mrs. Reed was asking for forgiveness (Bronte 253). Mrs. Reed got what she deserved she pick on someone that was poor and is paying the price.

She is losing all her money and she is her deathbed. If she had of been nice to Jane just maybe she wouldn’t have died so harshly. Money changes people how they treat you and how they think of you. Blanche Ingram is another character to Jane because she is poor and she is rich. She is the harshest to Jane throughout the whole book. Blanche is a spoiled brat and needs to be taught a lesson. Blanche is the women who that like Mr. Rochester for his money. When Mr. Rochester brought over some of his friends for a few days she was one of them. Mr.

Rochester invited Adele and Jane to the party with him and Blanche Ingram insulted Jane. She said “Poor child. I had about half a dozen in my day. All detestable incubi” (Bronte). Jane felt so bad about herself. Blanche Ingram talked about her and didn’t even consider how Jane felt. She knew she was there and didn’t even acknowledge that she was in the room. Blanche is so rich she doesn’t care what anybody thinks. She made cry and she didn’t even care. She didn’t even treat Jane like she was a human she use the word it. Blanche is not that educated either she just reads books and copies off what they say.

The only thing she is good at is being pretty, rich and rude. She got what she deserved at the end of all the things she did to Jane. Mr. Rochester was supposed to marry her but he turn her down for Jane instead (Bronte 269-272). Being ignorant and not apologizing when you do something you pay the consequence later. Money shouldn’t change you it should make you a better person. Finally, St. John her own cousin went crazy when he got the 5,000? Jane. He was nice to when she was poor but when he got the 5,000? he changed. After he got the money he commands Jane to marry him (Bronte 430).

This is what St, John said to Jane God and nature intended you for a missionary’s wife. It is not personal, but mental endowments they have given you: you are formed for labour, not for love. A missionary’s wife you must – shall be. You shall be mine: I claim you – not for my pleasure, but for my Sovereign’s service (Bronte 430). He didn’t ask her if she would marry him he demanded her to. He said if she didn’t she was would be disobeying God. When Jane said she wouldn’t be his wife he flipped. She said she would go to India but not as his wife t as his sister.

He was still furious he was telling her how she will go to Hell if she doesn’t follow what God has said. She was like I will give my love to go because you don’t want it (Bronte 434). This made him even more furious then he was before. After this he stopped shaking Jane’s hand before they went to bed and he stopped talking to her for a while. Jane could no longer take the suffering and she agreed to go to India not as his sister but as his wife. That same night something happen a familiar voice spoke out “Jane, Jane, Jane (Bronte). Jane got up and said “I am coming! I cried. Wait for me!

Oh, I will come! Where are you (Bronte)? ” Jane was determined to find him. After St. John leaves to say bye to some of his friends Jane also leaves to go find Mr. Rochester. She goes to Thornfield but it’s been burnt to the ground by Bertha Mason. She then goes back to the inn and a person who worked there told her what happen. They also told her where to find Mr. Rochester. She paid her coachman to take her to Ferndean she said to get her there by the end of the night and she would pay him double. She got there at midnight. As so as she got there she saw Mr. Rochester seeing if it was raining.

He was blind, loses one eye and has one arm (Bronte). Jane comes in after Mr. Rochester goes to his room. There she meets the people who have been taking care of her. Their names are John and Mary (Bronte). Jane asks Mary to tell Mr. Rochester that someone wants to see him (Bronte). Mary says that Mr. Rochester wants your name and what you want (Bronte). She took the tray that Mr. Rochester had asked for. She takes it to him and when she does pilot recognizes her but Mr. Rochester doesn’t until she hands him the glass of water (Bronte). They automatically connect when Mr.

Rochester recognizes her. Jane is asked to marry him again and she already loves him and she says yes. They get marry and they have a son. So in the end St. John doesn’t get her and he has to go to India himself. As we are lead to assume St. John is going to die really soon (Bronte). Everybody that messes with Jane always loses and or dies. They think just because they have money they are better than everybody else. That’s not true people who are poor are people to just not as fortunate. They deserve as much respect as any other human being. That is why money is the root of all evil.

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