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Henries uses pathos appeals to explain how emotionally investing just a Han detriment letter loud actually be. For example, when he mentions how handwriting can be “u untidy’ or “difficult to read” but someone who understands the worst of handwriting still treasure sees it because of who it’s coming from, such as a son who has just gone away to college for the first time or a soldier at the front. He also mentions how people have their grandparents letters an d postcards in a box somewhere and they think of them as prize possessions basically because e they have some sort of connection with them.

He then states “But these days, to tell other Poe pole about these possessions, we reach for electronic media. Which connects back to his purr SSE of informing us about how much more valuable and meaningful handwritten text is rather than electronic. Another significant factor in Phillip Hander’s article is how he uses logos app eels to get across his point on how important handwriting used to be and how the relevance of it should remain the same.

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He uses expert opinion when he mentions how a 19th century handwrite ting reformer said that by practicing handwriting, he was able to turn away from a drunken disks potion to a modest, useful life and later reformers thought that handwriting practice could lead to constructive arrears in commerce or the public service. Henries then moves on to explain his research conducted at a University which states that schools that were addressed AIBO t bad handwriting improved not only in how they wrote, but they had better reading skills, Bette r word recognition, and better memory, just to name a few.

Incorporating logistics Into his article really pushes his purpose on explaining how substantial handwriting actually is. With the author incorporating a ordinary yet simple diction, it allowed us as re adders to understand the purpose he was trying to convey which is to explain how sign ICANN putting a pen to paper could really be. The overall article was clear and easy to understand and but it was also intelligible.

Just at the beginning of the article he uses an ordinary diction by stating everyday statistics such as “The average time since an adult wrote anything by hand was 41 days. ” and “One in three people surveyed said that they hadn’t written anything Eng by hand for at least six months. ” This article undeniably has some emotional diction in it has well, specifically when he mentions how a love letter or letter of condolence needs to be on pa per or written by and, otherwise it wouldn’t be worth anything.

Also when he mentions how S keep, email and text messages won’t be treasured in the way that letter, journals, and postcards ads have been for years. This all ties together with Hander’s purpose of informing the modern society about the treasures of handwriting. Throughout the whole article, the author is giving off a frank somewhat forth eight tone to justify the relevance of handwriting. He gets straight to the point at the beginning of the article by bombarding us readers with questions about the last time we’ve wrote hand written something or

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