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Robin Hood Case Analysis



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    The main problem is that the Merrymen are at a disadvantage against the Sheriff due to financial organizational issues. Background of the Case The case is about Robin Hood trying to manage the crisis that their group, The Merrymen, is currently facing. The increasing of their group is becoming harder to manage and accommodate, with the decrease in food capacity and depleting revenues. Their sources of revenues, travelers, are now avoiding their territory, leaving The Merrymen with no goods to confiscate from.

    The enemies of the group, led by The Sheriff, are more organized and have financial support from the Sheriff’s political connections, including Prince John. Prince John, on the other hand, was loathed by the people; the barons were conspiring against him to free the imprisoned King Richard the Lion heart. The barons invited Robin Hood in this conspiracy, promising him amnesty. Objectives 1. Gain an advantage in the battle against the Sheriff. Areas of Consideration It was in the spring of the second year of his insurrection against the High Sheriff of Nottingham that Robin Hood took a walk in Sherwood Forest. * It erupted out of Robin’s conflict with the Sheriff and his administration.

    * Alone Robin Hood could do little; he therefore sought allies, men with grievances and a deep sense of justice. * The increasing size of the band was a source of satisfaction, but also a source of concern. * Robin had often entertained the possibility of killing the Sheriff, but the chances for this seemed increasingly remote. The Sheriff has political connections, including Prince John. * Prince John was hated by the people and the barons. * The barons are trying to bring the imprisoned King Richard the Lionheart back. * The barons offered Robin Hood amnesty if he helped conspire to free King Richard. Alternative Courses of Action 1. Conspire with the barons to free King Richard the Lion heart. -If King Richard is free, Prince John will be replaced and the Sheriff will lose political support. 2.

    Change their policy to a fix transit tax. – By taxing the town’s people they can gain enough revenue to accommodate cost. Recommendation ACA No. 1 It is recommended to conspire with the barons to free King Richard the Lionheart. Not only will it gain Robin Hood amnesty, but the return of King Richard will get rid of Prince John which in turn will cause The Sheriff to lose political support. There will be a higher chance that The Sheriff will be removed from his position because he has no political support anymore.

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