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Robin Hood Work Self-Lessly to the Citizen

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Robin hood army is a volunteer based organization. Robinhood army has moto to “serve hungry citizen”. The robin hood army aim to reach the stage where no small amount of food wasted and nobody goes to bed an empty stomach. They tie-up with many restaurants and community to get surplus of food to serve hungry citizen. This NGO working across 103 cities. They work to get surplus food from restaurants to the less fortunate sections of society in cities across India and 11 other countries.

Robinhood army increasing volunteer day by day Robinhood army is consist of 16500 volunteers across 103 cities. Robin hood work self-lessly to the citizen who are not able to feed themselves.

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Robin Hood Work Self-Lessly to the Citizen
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Not just in India the RHA has its presence in more than 4 international countries across the world and they plan to expand further until every poor is fed every night. They are working from from last six year. Robin hood army started in 2014 by Neel Ghose and Anand Sinha and registered as a charitable trust in India.

They are working from last 6 years. The source of food distributed to needy people is from restaurant, which regularly provide surplus good food on the goodwill basis. The Robin Hood Army believes that they have achieved just 1% in their war against hunger and plans to grow its presence worldwide in the next few years.

This is organization is consisting of 16500 volunteers spread across 103 cities. And, as a survey states that RHA (Robin Hood Army) has served 61,335 people in different cities with Pune, Surat, and Jodhpur taking the top 3 spots in the duration between 11th to 15th February,2018. Robin hood army launched “MissionMillion2018” in 15 August on the occasion of 72nd years of independence of India. In a day they served 1.99 million people across 70 cities in India. NGO is started by the Neel Ghose and Anand Sinha. It is run by Volunteers. Volunteers are largely young working from various field. Volunteers are mostly Students, part-time worker, the working class. And it doesn’t matter from which section of the society you are coming. This NGO see how much you are willingness to work for this organization or needy people.

We worked for a week long i.e. from 4th February to 9th February. We worked in Pratap Nagar Basti and Bambala Puliya Basti. We also worked in our institute. In Pratap Nagar Basti we worked for Only 1 days. In Robin hood army we were total 60 students working in different location. I was assigned to work in Bambal puliya Basti. First day in Bambala Puliya Basti we tried to be familiar with them and also distributed food. So, we asked them what they wanted to do, some of them wanted to study and some liked to play game. So, we divided among themselves. Some volunteers teach them and some are played with children. And of that we asked them who wanted to dance, one girl whose name is Sabnam Khatoon she danced very well. From next day we bought them to our college because there was less space. In college we played with them and also, we teached them. We educate them about hygiene, how much hygiene is important for us. And also, awared them about the education. By showing video in auditorium we educate them about the good touch and bad touch and about the hygiene. We asked them what they learned after watching the video. We also explained that. On 8th February we volunteer with Rima Namhata Ma’am. With ma’am we distributed Cake and Biscuit to Kids.

This weeklong program reminded me that one must not be rich to be able help others, it can also be done by educating them on various parts, i.e. hygiene, importance of education, etc. They are very curious to learn. Whatever we teached they catches very fast. During this whole week I went through a roller coaster of emotions. I got upset when I got to know that many girls cannot study because they have to do household chores. At the same time, I felt happy when a girl told me that she wants to teach children and become a principle one day. First two days went to Basti to brought them to our college. But after two days they came to college itself. They start liking us. When they searched for you that moment was very special. And I am the part of that special moment. One girl her name is Poonam she searches me, where I am. I never forget Sabnam she is very intelligent. She is catches very fast. She bright in study as well as in other activities. She danced very well. There was one boy whose name is Rahul who was vary good in somersault and he also dance very well. I felt immense happiness and satisfaction in meeting those lovely children.

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