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Robin’s Strategy Is Not Being Fulfilled

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The problems that arise are related to each other from the point that the recruitment extended without taking into account the skills of the men, nor establish trial periods for this reason the band expanded and there was a lack of discipline, which It is also due to the non-delegation of tasks since Robín had to delegate to other people to ensure discipline, that the richest stopped passing through the forest is related to the lack of organization when distributed, steal in the same territorial point , if the rich were absent from that segment, there is a lack of income and therefore little food capacity, also because of the breadth of the band.

And all these problems arose from the conflict that Robin had with the sheriff and his administration. The problem of lack of training and organization, and lack of discipline

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Robin’s Strategy Is Not Being Fulfilled
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Be a band that has a satisfactory provision of income, and goods with optimal levels for the supply of all people with limited resources in the town.

 The strategy is to ‘Establish a fixed traffic tax for all merchants, with a good organization.’ In the long term: Facilitate the tasks in the band. Create strategies to impose the traffic tax on the town, benefit the poor. In the long term: Obtain sources of income in constant growth, cover other territories, following the same activity. achieve better levels of quality of life for the poor equitably.

First of all, Robin must make the band aware of the benefits of imposing a traffic tax and then establishing ties with the authorities to reach an agreement, successively to achieve a good organization: Train all partners for the distribution and organization of the band in different directions for the collection of taxes, and on the use of armaments to apprehend any movement that the sheriff wants to make against them, or any merchant who opposes, even before any other band that may arise against they.

To impose discipline, they must expand the tasks, that is, the organizational structure in which there are more managers of the discipline, as well as collecting information and creating rules for the band and establishing sanctions. In the distribution of different sectors, it would be to elaborate schemes or sketches of routes of distribution of the band

The mission is becoming obsolete because these are moving away from the mission to what they were dedicated from a principle, that is to say, they are no longer efficiently fulfilling the expectations they had before, because the merchants have moved away and do not allow the band to meet its objectives and this is due to the expansion of the band and that each day they join More men without experience. They are integrated because both the mission and the objectives are related to the strategy since the only purpose it seeks is to find a way to help the poor, through traffic taxes.

Because Robin’s strategy is not being fulfilled, because the band is no longer discreet and the sheriff’s capture is easier. because the travelers stopped going through the forest because of the bad reputation of men. There would be more opportunities to impose transit tax on travelers. Constant income to the poor. Increased supply.

Difficulty in transporting food from one group to another. By dividing the group, there is a risk that there will be a catch by the sheriff, as they would be smaller groups. Conflicts over disagreements between the groups. Pro and against them when trying to finish the campaign to kill the sheriff. In this way, you can gain the perception of potential customers to make use of our so-called product. Square. The four cardinal points and surroundings of Sherwood Forest. Promotion. Reduce a certain percentage of tax if travelers constantly pass through the forest.

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