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Retailer’s Strategy: Discussion of Strategy Planning for Retailers

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  • Pages 2
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    Vending machine sales account for only about 1. 5 percent of toal us sales. Door to door selling, telephone and direct mail retailing allow for scustomers to shop at home. Retailing on the internet Internet usage continues to rise and consumer and e commerce purchases have grown at a fast rate.  Internet consuemrs cant really inspect a product.

    The costs are sometimes misleading.  Retailers are refining their online efforts. Supplement their stores and other promotion and to test online retail foremat.  Retailers take a strong multichannel approach and use their websites to complement their stores or catalogs.  Wheel of retailing theory. Says that new types of retailers enter the market as low status low margin and low price.

    Involve into conventional retailers. Scrambleed merchandising, carrying products that they can sell profitabily. Most retialers face competitive pressure A large number of retailers suggest that the field of retailing is a small business. Cooperative chains are retailer sponsored groups, formed by independent retailers.

    Voluntary chains are wholesaler sponsored groups that work with independent retailers. Franchinse operation franchisor develops a good marketing strategy and retail frachise holders carry out the strategy with their own units. Each frachinse holder benefits from its relationship wit htel arger company Promotion.

    Communciating information between seller and potential buyer. Personal selling- involves direct spoken communication. Mass selling is communicating with large number of potential customers at the same time. Advertising is any paid for of non personal presentation of ideas, goods, or services. Publicity unpaid presentation. Sales promotion. Refer to promotion activities other than advertising publicity and personal selling. Advertising managers.  Manage their companys mass selling effort.  Public relations.  Communication with non customers.  Sales promotion manager. Should.  Integrated marketing communications.

    The intentional coordination of every communication from affirm to a target customer. Overall objective is to affect behavior. Promotion objectives must be clearly defined.  Informing persuading, and reminding. Source – encoding – message channel – decoding – receiver- feedback. Message channel the carrier of message.

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